Monday, 16 May 2016

Yeezy | Fenty

Yeezy Season 3 @ Madison Square Garden
Lately you can see a lot more celebrities breaking into the fashion industry and growing their brand into collections, like Kanye West, who managed to create a range and show it at Fashion Week. People that don't have respect for this I don't understand. Having fame and going on to gain not commercial success but be accepted professionally and creatively by an industry like fashion can't be easy.

I went to watch Kanye's show live streamed from Madison Square Garden, and I loved the spectacle and passion behind it, and how it synced with the release of The Life of Pablo. 

Personally I thought that the Season 3 show was brilliant.The designs were really good, the distressed knitwear that was featured were my favourites. The internet ripped it though, so many memes! But some of the most respected designers have collections/pieces just as distressed and have openly said they were inspired by the homeless. Anna Wintour calling it 'migrant chic' wasn't cool though haha. 

The leaked price list of Season 3
If I were to buy/be able to afford any of the pieces my first pick would be one of the black distressed jumpers. I like that it's been a carry through piece through the collections. I also like the pieces are simple and basics, things are often over done. I like the simplicity. 

When Rihanna became the creative director of Womenswear for Puma last year I was excited because she would be breathing new life into the brand. The creeper trainers I loved and the ready to wear collection that showed last month was SO GOOD. It's gothic, nineties, monotone, everything I'm all over.

Rihanna FENTY
I think that personalities and creatives like Kanye and Rihanna being in fashion is a great thing. They're bringing excitement and designs that are more street inspired clothes to an industry that began to look stale and repetitive to me, if you focus on the mainstream. It seems to me that they are more in tune with what people really want, where a lot of big fashion houses only make clothes and trends that don't appeal to a mass, but that is how and why they are an elite fashion brand. So it's making fashion a more inclusive industry, which can't be a bad thing. 

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