Tuesday, 5 April 2016

UNI: Queen of Indigo

I'm in my second year of uni at Manchester Metropolitan studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising, which it says  in the bio. For one of the modules I'm studying we were assessed by creating an innovative idea in fashion and then building a brand around this to later show case. The innovative technology I built my brand on was water resistant denim, and the brand created I named Queen of Indigo.

I know water proof denim technology is being used by industry currently but from research I found that the products being made were all practical, with not much attention being made to trends therefore excluding the more fashion focused consumer. This is what my brand would be focusing on, practical technology but for a fashion conscious consumer. I did a lot of trend analysis for my portfolio of work, I also concentrated on looking at street wear trends. This is because I believe that it's an area that doesn't cater well for women even though it's a big trend. As well it is a style and area I love so enjoyed putting that into my work.

I wanted to subtly bring in the forecasted colour trends for denim through the use of patches and this could also be used to brand the products without it being overbearing. As well as looking at the forecasts predicted by WGSN I took inspiration from Hetty Douglas' artwork. Personally I really like her work but she is the only woman working for Supreme, or one of the only woman, according to an I-D article. That's why I thought it was kind of appropriate to incorporate her artwork, just in colours etc. Which you can see if you look at the badge work and stencils.

In the silhouettes of the products I wanted to make sure it was relaxed in fit, which was predicted by WGSN to be a key fit in denim it is also typically of streetwear brands. This is mostly because it's target audience is more male than female. This is why I looked a lot at street wear and street style when designing the range. 


DISCLAIMER: all the images used that aren't mine have been properly referenced in the portfolio of work handed in to Manchester Metropolitan University

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